Getting to Know Feminized Hemp Seeds

 What Are Feminized Hemp Seeds?

All types of cannabis plants require both male and female plants to reproduce. This makes them dioecious plants. While growing wild in its natural setting, the male cannabis plants produce pollen, and it is carried with the wind to pollinate with the female plant.

This begins the pollination process, a female begins producing the seeds that will be the next generation of cannabis plants. Male plants although necessary for breeding, tend to just get in the way. Feminized CBD seeds on the other hand, only produce female plants.

Zöe Therapeutics breeds female-only seeds, increasing the yield of the cannabinoid and to reduce the amount of work needed to produce CBD. They essentially trick the female plants into producing their own pollen by removing the Y Chromosome from the plant’s DNA— leaving them only containing (X) chromosomes. Zöe farmers then use this female-produced pollen to trigger seed development in other female plants. When a male hemp plant pollinates a female, the female’s production of cannabinoid drops significantly due to the fact the female’s energy is spent on developing a healthy strong seed instead of the cannabinoids such as CBD. Just one single male amongst an all-female crop can dramatically affect the production of CBD healthy seed and profit for the farmers.

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