About Zoe Therapeutics

Zoe’s years of experience has allowed them to become experts of the ever evolving hemp industry. Due to their exceptional quality, Zoe Therapeutics is a well-known name in the industry to customers, suppliers, and distributors not just in the United States but around the world. Zoe is committed to improving people’s quality of life through the therapeutic powers of hemp. Zoe has solidified their brand and reputation by consistently providing the finest CBD and CBG genetics,

Zoë Therapeutics produces some of the highest quality hemp flower around for many different types of clients. Zoe has smart facilities which allows them to keep complete control of every detail of the grow process.  Using smart facilities allows Zoe’s grow process for their HEMP flower to be uniform throughout every harvest resulting in a consistent and reliable product.  Zoe’s consistency as well as their award winning genetics has led to steady repeat business from many different customers.

In addition to their high-quality hemp flower, Zoe Therapeutics is a leader in the industry with their hemp seeds.  When it comes to their seeds Zoe’s is also proud to provide their advice that comes from years of experience and knowledge from growing and being in the hemp industry to their customers around the world.

To skip the germination process and save their customers time and stress,  Zoe Therapeutics is also proud to offer seed starts.  Zoe offers seed starts for small and large farms alike and they are sure to ensure a successful season.

Zoe’s years of experience have allowed them to fine-tune their growing and harvesting processes.  Zoe’s wholesale hemp flower, seeds, and seed starts are of the highest quality and carry a positive reputation and brand recognition throughout the hemp industry.  Samuel, Owner of Soilscape Solutions said “After working with Zoe Therapeutics for several years they have become one of our essential partners and leading purchasers of our Foundational Soil. Their attention to detail, professionalism and finished product is second to none. After touring their facilities it’s readily apparent that they set themselves apart from their competition through cleanliness, organization, and care for their product. Anyone looking for the highest quality hemp flower should look no further than Zoe”.  All of Zoe’s customers have great things to say about the company.  

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