Can you Travel with CBD Flowers or CBD Products? Regardless of your reason, you might need to carry CBD on long-distance trips, making it extremely important to know the laws and policies behind this. This article will show you the general rules in the United States in carrying CBD Flowers...
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What is a COA? COA is an acronym that stands for certificate of analysis. The COA is used in the context of cannabis to provide detailed confirmation that the cannabis product is properly regulated and adheres to exact specifications. In short, the COA is important as it provides consumers with...
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Hemp cultivation laws vary by state, though all must follow federal guidelines to do so legally. State hemp cultivation laws support local farmers to improve agricultural demand and stimulate local economies. These hemp laws by state will help you be more successful when choosing which feminized hemp seeds to buy....
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We are often asked about regular vs. feminized hemp seeds. What are they, and what’s the difference? When it comes to CBD hemp seeds, you have two primary options to choose from: feminized hemp seeds and regular hemp seeds. Both seed types will grow hemp plants, but the two options...
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Hemp (or industrial hemp), like marijuana, are names for the cannabis sativa plant and its products.  Although hemp and marijuana are both considered cannabis sativa plants, the terms are usually used in specific instances.  The hemp business, or industrial hemp, was made federally legal with the Agriculture Improvement Act of...
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Zoë Therapeutics

Zoë Therapeutics has been working hard for years, cultivating only the finest genetics for our partners. Our core values are consistency and integrity, backed by experience, and supported by a diverse staff of 30+ employees. Our facility encompasses eight acres of outdoor production for flower and biomass with 22,000sq.ft. of fully environmentally controlled greenhouses. This facility and team allows us to scale and meet our partners needs at whatever level. Our assiduous process of refinement yields the highest quality hemp, seeds & seed starts in the country, year over year.

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