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Our Story


(Greek: ζωή) of Greek origin, meaning “Life”.

Since our origin, Zoë Therapeutics has demonstrated our deep commitment to improving people’s quality of life through the therapeutic powers of hemp. By cultivating the finest CBD and CBG genetics, we’ve built a brand, and reputation, rooted in integrity and consistency.


Our 56-acre farm includes 22,000 square feet of fully environmentally controlled greenhouses, 20,000 square feet of fully environmentally controlled indoor cultivation spaces and 12,000 square feet of greenhouse space allocated for R&D in addition to 22-acres available for outdoor production of flower and biomass. Our exceptional fast-paced production style allows for perpetual harvests yielding the highest quality hemp flower, seeds & starts in the country, year over year.

Wholesale Flower

Zoë Therapeutics produces the highest quality hemp flower for all of our clients’ needs. Our smart facilities allow us to control every detail of the grow process, providing a consistent product, every harvest. Combined with our award winning genetics and workflow, our clients keep coming back for more.


Zoë Therapeutics delivers high-quality hemp seeds at a competitive price. We are proud to advise and serve customers worldwide, sharing our expertise and our genetics with other industry leaders. Discover our boutique cultivars for yourself!

Seed Starts

Here at Zoë as farmers ourselves, we understand first hand what our clients need to get in the ground on time. Our seed starts help save you time and stress so that you can best prepare for  a successful season, no matter the scale of your farm. Regardless of if you are planning ahead or if Murphy’s Law happens, we are here to help you get going as quickly and easily as possible. We offer pick-up and delivery – contact us to learn more.

What Our Partners Say

  • Green House Feeding is supplying Zoë Therapeutics with nutrients and we couldn’t be happier with the relationship. Our partnership has evolved throughout the years and with the good communication, we were able to dial in and tweak their nutrient regiment for peak performance. The flowers and seeds grown by Zoë are of the best quality and we are proud to be involved in their projects. 
    Jan W.
    Director of Sales and R&D at Green House Feeding

  • Luxx Lighting is proud to have Zoë Therapeutics run our DE 1000w HPS, 630w CMH and Clone LEDs throughout their diverse environments for cultivation. Zoë does it all – cannabis, hemp, seeds, indoor, outdoor and greenhouse. It takes a true cultivator to grow in all three environments and choosing Luxx Lighting as their lighting partner is a testament to their years of knowledge, SOPs and dedication to the plant.

    Taylor R.
    Director of Marketing at Luxx Lighting

  • After working with Zoë Therapeutics for several years they have become one of our essential partners and leading purchasers of our Foundational Soil. Their attention to detail, professionalism and finished product is second to none. After touring their facilities it’s readily apparent that they set themselves apart from their competition through cleanliness, organization, and care for their product. Anyone looking for the highest quality hemp flower should look no further than Zoë.

    Samuel D.
    Owner/CEO Soilscape Solutions

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